A Visit of SDG TransLab- Yunus Center AIT to Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) Malaysia
October 1-5, 2018.

The launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 has brought with it a growing realization that integrating sustainable development approaches into practical interventions with measurable outcomes presents a multi-dimensional challenge, at the national as well as regional level. From issues of policy coherence, and resource optimization, to mainstreaming at the grassroots, a clear need for knowledge management and capacity-building has been realized. Within this context, there is a strategic need for fast-paced, experiential learning methods that focus on practical outcomes. This responsibility has been taken up strongly by TransLab at AIT, where TransLab conducted “5-Days Workshop on building Case Studies focussing the SDGs”. TransLab has been working as specialized research and training unit in a management and academic sector worldwide.

TransLab AIT team was led by Dr.Faiz Hassan Shah comprised of Rowena Alcoba (Senior Programme officer), Callum Mackenzie (Program Office), and Internees. The team was warmly welcomed by Dr. Subarna Sivapalan, Centre for Social Transformation for Sustainable Lifestyles, Institute for Sustainable Living and Dr Satirenjit Kaur Johl at Universiti Teknologi Petronas. The faculty of UTP from various departments including, civil engineering, coastal engineering, structural engineering and management sciences department attended the 5 days’ workshop. Dr.Faiz illuminated the participants of workshop with the case study concepts and framework including case study elements of developing the field cases in a comprehensive manner. The Workshop concepts were very well received by participants and before the closing session, all participants presented their Opening Paragraphs as part of workshop, which were duly discussed and well elaborated by Dr.Faiz Shah and his team on conceptual basis. Their methodical learning was supported by the assignments carried on by Rowena Alcoba as co-facilitator while all the scheduling and presentation work was performed by Callum Mackenzie.  The initial work on developing the case studies by each of the participant was discussed by TransLab team and it was assured that all the feedback has been comprehended by the participants for the completion of final case studies before it goes for publication.

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