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There are various ways in which you can get involved at the Yunus Center at AIT

Graduation Internship Program

YCA, the Yunus Center at the Asian Institute of Technology, will host a cohort of Graduate Internship Summer Programme, during June and July. The Graduate Internship Program is one of YCA’s signature programs, in which YCA collaborates with prominent national institutions in Thailand to host young leaders who come to learn with Thai counterparts. Find Out More
For inquiries please free to email YCA director; Dr. Faiz Shah at

International Internship

The YCA hosts 2 qualified undergraduate and/or graduate students every semester (including the interim semester) from reputable universities to undergo hands-on learning in the areas of social business and development management. It is aimed at enriching the knowledge and skills of the individual in these areas while promoting and enhancing the implementation of YCA’s flagship programs. Dates may be adjusted to better accommodate the intern’s needs. Find Out More
To apply, email us at

MyVision AIT

MyVision AIT is the YCA's youth division and in-house internship program. The team is made up of 5-7 AIT students whose objectives for the semester are to (a) increase awareness about social business within the campus and the surrounding community, and (b) to come up with innovative business solutions to challenges faced within and around the AIT campus.
Learn more about MyVision AIT and how you can get involved

Visiting Experts

YCA Visiting Experts work primarily in the SB Action Flagship Program. The YCA acts as the launching point for regional field level operations and assists on social business planning and operational development.
To apply, email us at

Visiting Scholars

Graduate Research Scholars from various fields, interested in social business, are invited to the center for resources that may enrich their research and publishing in the field. The Scholars conduct their research under guidance of their respective academic advisors, but get an opportunity to work closely with the YCA team to develop and lead cross-disciplinary thinking with opportunities for additional collaboration in other flagship areas.
To apply, email us at