This 18-day transcontinental journey will bring a select group of up to 20 co-travelers together to explore, examine, and enrich perspectives on social innovation and entrepreneurship across 6,000 kilometers of some of the most diverse communities along the fabled Trans-Siberian Railway.  

Starting in St Petersburg and continuing on to Moscow, stopping in a tiny village around Ekaterinburg, getting close to the Urals all the way to Lake Baikal, crossing through the steppes of Mongolia, to culminate in the third country of our journey, China. The journey will be punctuated by stopovers filled with unique opportunities to observe social innovation at work, visit community enterprises, engage with entrepreneurs, share experiences, and imbibe local wisdom first-hand. Time on the train will be packed with group discussions, mini-workshops on a range of topics, storytelling, and plenty of time for introspection, reading, reflective writing and an evolving menu of self-directed immersion or peer-learning activities.  

The highlight of the journey will be the Synthesis Session in Beijing, with travelers presenting summaries of their reflections, sharing select entries of their field diaries and a critique of the experience, as a gift to those who follow in succeeding YCA Journey of Discovery programs

This co-learning is unique that everyone will be a learner and a teacher at the same time. While there is a learning framework to follow, every co-traveler would have an opportunity to offer a learning session to the others on a topic of their choice.

When: August 19 to September 5 2017

How much: 3000 USD. 

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