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Date: Thursday, 22nd May
Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm
Location: Room B108 at AIT Center

Workshop Conducted By: Mr. Uchita de Zoysa, Global Convener, Peoples’ Sustainability Treaties

Uchita de Zoysa, director of the Centre for Environment and Development and global facilitator for the Peoples Sustainability Treaties, has spent the past 25 years, as a thinker, journalist, author, speaker, researcher, strategist, administrator and entrepreneur promoting the sustainability agenda across the world. He is among a handful activists who have remained consistently engaged with the sustainability debate since the first Rio summit in 1992. He is author of several books including “It has to be Climate Sustainability” and has edited UNEP’s Asian Review on Sustainable Consumption, and the Oslo Declaration on Sustainable Consumption.

Purpose :

Since the Rio Summit in 1992, the world has seen significant economic growth, particularly among the Asian Tigers, with China leaping ahead as a super-economy. The demands for more and more energy to fuel such growth creates enormous burden on the prospects of achieving many of the sustainability aims that are set in international discussions.
Meanwhile, insatiable demand for still more unsustainable “growth” continues to produce rising levels of inequity, the backlash of which is manifest in rising political instability, diminished social wellbeing, and burgeoning violence.
While global leaders gathered at Rio+20 to usher their fellow citizens into a post-2015 sustainable development agenda it became apparent that the world needs a radically different vision of human well-being, promotes socio-economic equity, enhances opportunities for all, and one that empowers every stakeholder to take part in decision-making affecting their lives.

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