SDG TransLab
– Transformation Laboratory for Enterprise-Led Sustainable Development Goals –

The SDG Transformation Laboratory (SDG TransLab) is initiated through a partnership between the Yunus Centre AIT (YCA) and Global Sustainability Solutions (GLOSS),  where aims to seed and create an inclusive platform that brings together action-research, systems-change innovation, social co-creation and demonstrable transformation models that harness the power of enterprise to achieve the SDGs.  If you’d like to join us for the working sessions on Tuesday 20th February, kindly contact Callum Mackenzie at +66640612723  or

The program features an overview of AIT’s prowess in SDG-related areas presented by a panel comprising of faculty and invited experts, followed by an interactive session to unpack our potential for creating enterprise-led sustainable development models. You may find the flyer of the program context here or go check at for more details!