Flagship Programs

The Yunus Center at AIT applies interdisciplinary approaches and supports multi-stakeholder partnerships. It operates under four main focus areas: SB Awareness, SB Action, SB Academy, and SB Learning.

SB Awareness

Awareness programs to make participants conscious of social problems in their community and to showcase social businesses in the area. The programs enable networking opportunities to link up people from the private sector, public sector, academics, and civil society to collaborate in developing pro-poor technologies through enterprise-led development.
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SB Action

Under this program, social business projects will be developed not only to reduce and alleviate poverty, but also the social problems associated with it such as health, education, gender-based violence, etc. Projects will focus on exploring how technological methods and devices can be applied to the pressing needs of society to empower people in securing their own livelihoods.

SB Academy

There is a wealth of knowledge, information and lessons to be learned from and in the space of social entrepreneurship. The SB Academy captures, structures, organizes and manages this knowledge to facilitate wider knowledge-sharing and guarantee an enriching flow of original learning materials for learning and teaching.

SB Learning

The SB Learning Portfolio offers a dynamic range of guided or independent learning opportunities for various levels of learners, from field or community-level activists to post-graduate students, rooted in best practices and lessons collected from initiatives within and outside the Grameen family.