Lean Six Sigma is Regorous adherence to proven methodologies, tools and techniques that will enable a Leader to confidently solve process problems using data-driven approaches so that the problems stay solved. Lean Six Sigma is the synthesizing agent of business performance improvement that, like an alloy, is the unification of proven tools, methodologies, and concepts, which forms a unique approach to deliver rapid and sustainable cost reduction. In Lean Six Sigma one avoids the tendency to jump to conclusions and make assumptions about things. The LSS methodology is an organization-wide operational philosophy that combines two of today’s most popular performance improvement methodologies: Lean methods and the Six Sigma approach. The objective of these approaches is to eliminate nine kinds of wastes (classified as defects, overproduction, transportation, waiting, inventory, motion, overprocessing, underutilized employees, and behavior waste) and provide goods and services at a rate of 3.4 defects per million opportunities (DPMO)

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a Practitioner Level Training & Certification. It covers the Introduction to Lean Six Sigma, DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) roadmap, Basics of Change Management.

Course Duration : 29th JUNE – 10th JULY 2020
2 Weeks 3 Hr Session each day

Course Description and Rationale

The one who will continuously improve to add value to the customer will be the one who sustains business in the Long run. Lean Six Sigma has evolved from being purely for manufacturing focused to enterprise focus. The curriculum and literature has evolved over the period of time. This training has its own unique value proposition as part of the Curriculum is the basics of The Lean Start up, Lean Thinking, Lean Mindset as well as the Link of Lean with Strategy and Innovation along with an essential skill of Change Management.

You will not only get an internationally recognized Certification but also get an idea of the local trends. This training has more focus on the practical side of Lean Six Sigma with reasonable focus on technical details.

Learner Profile

Team members, supervisors, project managers, functional and technical experts, consultants, senior executives, business leaders and sponsors from a wide variety of manufacturing, service and transactional business environments. Someone who anticipates using Lean Six Sigma as an improvement methodology within his/her work. A student of Business, Operations, Computer Science or Industrial Engineering.

Learning Design

Broken into a Modular form the learning experience will be a mixture of discussions, Learning Material, Videos and Exercises. It is Designed on being delivered through a Web Meeting, However Group exercises will be done over WhatsApp/Skype Calls and Some individual Work being done on Minitab using ones own Laptop.

Learning Objective

Learning objectives for this Training is to enable you to:

Covered Topics


English competency corresponding to at least a 6 band IELTS or 90 TOEFL.

Interest in developing Lean Six Sigma skills for professional development, to apply on continuous improvement projects. Laptop/Desktop with Webcam. Minitab 19 Evaluation version pre-installed.LEAD FACULTYMohammad Ali Toosy is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certified Professional who is also a Change Management Practitioner. He attained his MBA degree from University of Surrey, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certication from Game Change UK, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certication from Game Change UK, Six Sigma Black Belt Certication from Singapore Quality Institute International. His MBA thesis in University of Surrey was on the Role of Leadership in reducing Resistance to Change. He is the CEO of Toosy Advisory Services, Country Representative Pakistan –Institute of Change & Transformation Professionals Asia and Executive Director of Strategic Ratings Limited UK.

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