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Yunus Professional Masters Launch

The FIRST newest professional degree, the Yunus Masters’ in Social Business & Entrepreneurship.

  • Be inspired by Professor Yunus’ vision of young leaders for a new world and hear AIT President describe why AIT is the first university to host a Yunus Center and launch an accredited Social Business program.
  • Meet young Social Business leaders who are changing lives across the world, and how the global Social Business network has equipped them to become job creators rather than job seekers.
  • Join interactive panels of peers and faculty to learn about AIT, and opportunities for YPM graduates in an expanding universe of enterprise-led development.

SDGs addressed: All 17

Yunus Centre Lecture Series

YCA was featured as the topic for the regular YSBC Lecture Series hosted by Professor Yunus. In the Yunus Series Lecture #14 Professor Yunus commended YCA’s leadership role as the world’s first university-based Yunus Center, and in the fireside chat-style format, Prof Mai Thai from HEC Montreal explored YCA’s journey since 2009, to 2020, particularly the on-campus micro-enterprise initiatives like ChillChill, and the newly launched Yunus Professional Masters.  Earlier, in YSBC Series Lecture #4, YCA director moderated the session on telephone connectivity and poverty alleviation in Bangladesh with Mr. Ashraful Hassan, Managing Director of Grameen Telecom, exploring the role of women in expanding connectivity in rural areas. The session on YCA had 10,000-plus views.

SDGs addressed: 1,5,8,10,12, and 17

Course: Innovation & Six-Sigma

CA responded to COVID-19 beyond contributing to the PHC module, mentioned above.  Two online courses were designed and delivered, aimed at professionals learning to cope with the uncertainty emerging from the pandemic. The courses were conducted by recognized experts and YCA partners.

SDGs addressed: 4,8,9,11,12 and 17

Sustainable Manufacturing

Since December 2020, YCA is leading a three-country study of sustainable manufacturing best-practices in the Apparel, Domestic Appliances, and the Food sectors. The country studies are designed to inform the development of a long-term regional strategy for engaging manufacturers and suppliers for global supply chains with facilities in the region, and building their capacity for responsible Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) business practices, allowing major retail brands to place orders for goods with local manufacturers. The 3-year project covers specialized inputs from AIT’s faculty and experts in the area of gender and development, environmental impact mitigation, and corporate social responsibility.

SDGs addressed: 1,5,8,10,12, and 17

Development Policy & Practice Module

YCA has hosted the Southeast Asia regional module of the Graduate Institute, Geneva’s Executive Masters’ program on (DPP) since 2016. The 2020 module was initially postponed, but then scheduled in January 2021 in online format.  This recurring program introduces AIT internationally.

SDGs addressed: 1,4,10,11, and 17

Techsauce Global Summit 2020

TechSauce is among the region’s most sought after innovation sharing platforms, with global participation, and media spotlight on the latest disruptive technologies and emerging trends showcased by leaders in the tech-innovation space in Thailand, Asia-Pacific and beyond. Like previous years YCA was invited for a keynote on the power of enterprise as catalyst of human development. TechSauce CEO was invited by YCA to address the Hult program at AIT.

SDGs addressed:3,4,9,11, and 17

Social Business Academia Conference

YCA maintained it participation in the organizing committee of this conference, which brings researchers and faculty from 87 universities comprising the Yunus global network. YCA director continues to chair of the Social Business and Health track. YCA submitted two papers, and the concept of the Yunus Masters in Social Business & Entrepreneurship. YCA director was a plenary speaker in the session, “Academic Curriculum on Social Business” on 4 November 2020.

SDGs addressed: 1,2,3,4,5,8,10,16, and 17

Social Business Day

Like past years, YCA participated fully in supporting the program design and delivering content. Social Business Day is the world’s largest cross-disciplinary gathering related to enterprise-led development approaches, connecting theory and practice. It is hosted by Professor Yunus and partners across the Grameen global Network.  This year’s event was a hybrid event presented as the “Super Happyyness Festival”, with a number of live panels integrated with online viewer platforms. YCA co-hosted panels in a Satellite Event broadcast live all over the world.

SDGs addressed: 1,3,5,9, and 17

Portable Health Clinic

YCA remains an active partner in the Portable Health Clinic (PHC) network, along with a number of institutions across Asia-Pacific. Since 2012, YCA has co-refined this pro-poor techno-innovation, and remains engaged with its global replication. A project concept is underway, that introduces an enterprise approach to disseminating the PHC platform developed at Kyushu University with Grameen Global Communications. The YCA director co-published a paper on the post-COVID applications of PHC, and presented at the regional online Forum.

SDGs addressed: 3,4,5,8,9,11, and 17

Global Social Business Summit

The Annual Global Social Business Summit hosted by Professor Yunus and the Grameen Creative Lab brings together leaders from government, academia, business, the UN system, and civil society organizations for learning about the latest trends shaping the world and how Social Business is able to respond through enterprise-led approaches.  Examples from all over the world inspire changemakers to action, and build effective networks for shred success. YCA presented two on-campus social business case studies, and contributed speaking slots as well as conference workshops on business design.

SDGs addressed: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,16, and 17