UPDATE: ELLTA Conference 2017 

The 4th International Conference on “Perspectives on Leadership, Learning and Social Enterprise in Asia: Sharpening Focus on Research Collaborations and Publications“. Co-hosted by AIT Extension (AITE) through the Yunus Center at AIT (YCA), the Conference will be held at the AIT Conference Center (Bangkok, Thailand), between 25th and 27th July 2017.

This year’s theme of “Leadership, Learning and Social Enterprise” reflect areas of high international interest and evolving debate.  With its focus on Asia, the conference emphasizes the importance of the themes for some of the world’s rising economies.

Special track on Enterprise-led Development, Social Business and Transformation

How can enterprises be drivers of change and solve global and local problems? How can development theories be adapted to enterprise-driven business models in Asia? Are concepts such as sustainable development, capacity building, social business and transformation also western? How can these concepts be interpret in the Asian context? Are social enterprises and businesses the right solutions for problems in Asia?

AIT Extension and YCA will showcase their grasp of the current issues under debate within the Social Enterprise and Social Innovation discussion, it’s strengthening in-country linkages in Thailand through the Thailand Social Business Initiative (TSBI), and its collaborations within the expanding network of Yunus Social Business Centers in the Asia-Pacific (YSBC-AP), which now includes 20 universities and organizations.

Being asked to lead in coordinating the Enterprise-led Development, Social Business and Transformation track of the conference is a recognition of YCA’s ability to leverage knowledge resources and expertise within the social innovation ecosystem within Thailand and beyond.  AIT Extension will especially foreground this track.

Details on the Call for Papers can be viewed here.
Details on the Registration Guidelines and Conference Fee can be viewed here

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