Bangchak Yunus and Youth Social Business Design Contest

August – September 2018

“Bangchak Yunus and Youth Social Business Design Contest” (Bangchak YY contest) is a collaboration between Yunus Center at AIT and Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, to promote students, create change and solve social problems through social business models, on the theme: From Bangchak and SDGs to social Business, in Thailand 2018.

The contest aims at encourages Thai university students, undergraduate to post-graduate, to have a concept of doing business for society, create social change, and foster partnerships among competing groups, inculcating the value of collective action and selflessness on business.

We got an overwhelming response from over 300 students, from more than 19 universities across Thailand. They have to come up with business solutions that solve social problems – based on an iterative practical workshops, cross-functional participation and presentations, as well as synergy of solving a social problem related to SDGs through social business solutions by focusing on the four areas of Bangchak’s interests: Efficiency Energy Management, Green and Renewable Energy, Bio-Based Energy and Retail. We are now having a winner for this competition from Prince of Songkla University, and they will end up to showcase their ideas at SBFA2018 in Japan on October 27th, 2018

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