Dr. Roger Schank, CEO of Socratic Arts, on CNN


The AIT Analytics Academy was launched on the 6th of March by Socratic Arts CEO Dr. Roger Schank and AIT President Dr. Eden Woon.

The AIT Analytics Academy is excited to be offering two immersive, learning-by-doing professional certificate programs in Data Analytics and Cybersecurity. Developed in collaboration with industry leaders Socratic Arts (Cybersecurity) and XTOL (Data Analytics), the programs will offer prospective students with a learning approach that is action oriented and story based. This will provide a distinct cutting-edge and future-oriented methodology that boosts the strong foundations set by the online curriculum, while also providing students with valuable and employable real-world skills.

Yunus Center AIT will be hosting online Info Sessions on 31st July and 28th August from 09-11 am ahead of the inaugural classes starting 18th September.  Use the link below to RSVP to the Info Sessions.  We hope you can join us on 31st July or 28th August!


Learn how to:

-Solve a broad range of problems using a variety of predictive analytics and statistical techniques.

-Examine vast amounts of data to develop informed strategies

-Apply statistical machine learning and other techniques to collect, maintain and analyze data sets to make better-informed decisions
Cybersecurity Defense

- learn the basics skills first in Cybersecurity: Immediate Immersion and explore if a career in Cybersecurity is right for you

- advance to Cybersecurity: Defense to impart a strong foundation of defensive information security skills

Learn from the same course that the US Department of Defense utilizes to train their security operators!

DATA ANALYTICS                                                                                  CYBERSECURITY

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Dr. Roger Schank is not only a leading expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence but also in andragogy. Socratic Arts and XTOL‘s “Story Centered Curricula” and “Deep Dive” approach differs substantially from traditional  teaching methods: instead of a lecturer talking at you, the student is immersed in a realistic experience where they have to solve real-world problems. The student will be provided with all the necessary tools and mentorship, but will have to extensively engage with the problem to find a solution on their own. 

That is how real work skills are developed and knowledge is deeply internalized, which makes graduates of the certificate programs so highly employable. 

Not only does the immensely high demand for skilled labor in Data Analytics and Cybersecurity guarantee a job for the future, they also pay very high. To get an idea of the very high return on investment (ROI) to expect from the courses, we have gathered information on employment and salary outlook on the course pages for you to check out!


Stay tuned as the page will be progressively updated!