Kanyarat Kornpariyawit

Chill Chill CEO

Khun Kanyarat studied law and politics at Thammasat University and joined her family business, having interests in the logistics and hospitality industries. For two decades, she remained Managing Director of Jitpochana Group’s contract services business, an award-winning leader within the Thai food & beverage sector. Khun Kanyarat is a keen sportswoman, having played the national golf circuit with distinction. Since 2012, retiring from her full-time business position, Khun Kanyarat has worked to promote Social Business as a pathway to King Rama IX’s Sufficiency Economy ideal. Her social business outlets, ChillChill Lifestyle Lounge, Zen Zone and Kanyarat’s Kitchen provide living labs for micro-entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Technology, with proposed replication in Japan. Khun Kanyarat is also on the board of VAR-EdTech, an augmented learning start-up.